The three rules I work by.

The website that I make for you will be:

  • Designed for all devices
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Created by hand
What I can offer you.

Responsive design

Your audience is now, more than ever before, browsing the web using mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, et cetera. I will design your site to be responsive, catering for all of these target devices, to ensure that you don’t lose a single pageview.

SEO and analytics

Your business needs to be found easily online. I invest time and effort into ensuring that all my work is to a high level of ‘search engine optimisation’ (or SEO). I will do the same for your site. You will also be able see how well the site is doing through analytics.


Every user that your website is host to is important. This includes users with accessibility issues, such as the partially sighted or blind. I build websites to a high standard of accessibility and strive to create for a positive experience for all users.

User experience

You target audience should not just find your site to be credible and trustworthy, but also their using of it should be a worthwhile, enjoyable and overall positive experience for them. As this is such a core part of what I do, I am thinking about it at every step of the design process, to ensure that your audience’s needs are met.

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