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Andy Sear Drums

Andy Sear’s website
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I was not able to work directly with the client, Andy Sear, on this, as the website was his surprise Christmas present. So, I had to work in secret with his family and friends to create a website to promote his musical services. With the help of these people, I created a site that is clean and simple yet striking.

Alex Hearn Guitar

Alex Hearn’s website
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Alex came to me with some ideas on how he wanted the site to look: in particular, font choice was something that we put quite a bit of time into, ensuring that the end result conveyed warmth and friendliness.

Duncurin Publishing ltd.

Duncurin Publishing ltd’s website
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This was very much a ‘free hand’ for me. I sent several ‘moodboards’ (rough design ideas) to the client, to gauge the look and feel that he was after. After designing the logo around the cover artwork of his books, utilising the fonts and colours that were used, I set about to create a site that would serve as a ‘shop window’ for the client’s novels.