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Latest design work!

Here’s some of January’s design work that I can share.

Logo design

Republic gold logo

Republic second golden logo design

The above are a few examples of logo design and branding that I offer.

Ben Hearn web designer circular logo, depicting responsive design

I also spent some time this month on my own logo and rebranding The results you see around you!

Design for print

Elites Swimming essex, flier design example

Elites Swimming asked me for a flier for their business for print. I came up with the above (and some other variants).

My business card.

Icon design

A collection of icons for this website that I designed in illustrator

Icons can have a powerful effect on a graphical user interface. If used well, they can help support words to convey an idea and vice versa. I wanted to create some semantic, meaningful icons for this site to create a more positive user experience.

Browser issues

Recently, I came across a few issues with an outdated version of Safari and the Soundcloud iframe widget. Safari version 5.10.x and lower and Soundcloud’s relatively recent embeddable snippet don’t seem to get along very well: the play button does not appear and the only way of stopping a track is to refresh the page.